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Perimeter Technologies® Comfort-Fit Deluxe In-Ground Fence
Perimeter Technologies® Comfort-Fit Deluxe In-Ground Fence
Includes One Collar With Comfort Contacts (More Available)Made in USA
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If You Want Peace Of Mind, And Comfortable, Best-In-Class Containment For Your Dog, Then The Made In USA Perimeter Technologies® Deluxe In-Ground Fence Is For You!

Here's what you get in the package:

  • Fence Transmitter System
  • Lightning Protector
  • One Collar With Comfort-Fit Contacts (more available)
  • 500ft Boundary (Signal) Wire
  • 50ft Twisted (No Signal) Wire
  • Set Of Boundary Flags
  • Covers up to 3 Acres (with additional wire kits)
  • Peace Of Mind!

What Makes This Fence Better?

They are feature-packed, reliable and comfortable for your dog! The fence frequency can be controlled so they'll be no interference from your neighbor's fence. (A common problem that can lead to your dog escaping from your yard.)

Comfort Fit® Contacts feature a special conductive rubber coating, unlike the competition who use metal contacts, they won't irritate your dog and cause sores. There's another question that the competition doesn't want you to ask and that is ...

Does The Weather Ever Change Where You Live?

The competition doesn'st like to talk about this, but you should know. Fluctuations in the weather, such as temperature and humidity will change the fence signal boundary. Yes, that's right! You carefully bury the wire and train your dog, but when the weather changes, so does the way the collar picks up the signal, so your boundary can move by up to 10's!

But not with the Perimeter Fence which includes trade-marked technology (called TEMP CHECK™to stabilize the fence boundary, keeping it in place whatever the weather. (If you live someplace where the weather never changes, then this won't concern you. For the rest of us ...)

Why Perimeter Technologies®?

Founded in 1989 by entrepreneurs Bob Slattery and Bob Wolfe, Perimeter Technologies™ are on a mission to bring you the most advanced DIY Pet Fencing Systems. They've been in this business for over 20 years, but if you're still wondering ...

Should I Buy A Perimeter Technologies Fence®?

You don't skimp on quality because Perimeter Technologies™ conceives, designs, builds and supports their own range of products. Products that they demand are to be better designed, better built and more effective than the competition. You can be sure you are receiving best-in-class technology. You'll also be supporting products that are:

  • Designed in the USA
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Supported by US-based Technicians

Made in the USA!

American Flag

You can rest easy knowing that your purchase will support American jobs and that you endorse American-made products. These collars are manufactured at the Perimeter Technologies™ factory in Morgantown, PA.

And they stand behind their products. In fact they're so confident that you'll love these collars that they come with a ...

Limited Lifetime Warranty

A full manufacturer's warranty and no charge replacements of defective units for the first year, and a low cost repair service for as long as you have the collar. In addition to that, if you purchase the collar from us, you get the ... Risk-Free Guarantee!

Ordering from is not only fast and easy, but comes with the guarantee. We believe in these products and our service and we are prepared to back it up!

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  • Ships out same or next business day - Guaranteed or we'll give you $20!
  • Accurate shipping, or we'll pick it up and ship out another at no additional cost - Guaranteed
  • Try it out! You have a full 30 days from when you receive it to tell us you're sending it back, then you've got 30 days to send it back - Guaranteed
  • No hassle returns! You get a Full Refund of Your Purchase Price with No re-stocking fees, No shipping deductions and No hidden fees - Guaranteed

Pricing and guarantees this generous, we can't keep up forever, so ...

Order Now to Lock in Your Savings!

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Caution! Requires Some Installation

There's always a catch! This is an in-ground wire fence, which means you'll need to plan it out, run the wire, and install it. Nothing that a home DIY-er can't handle, but we thought you should know!

Here are some more things you should know ...

Feature Packed, Lightweight, Waterproof and More!

We said this is “best-in-class technology”. Take a look! You'll be getting this massive list of great features:

  • Comfort Fit Contacts - effective for you, comfortable for your dog, won't worry his skin, and veterinarian recommended!
  • Run through prevention - electronics designed to prevent your dog from running through the fence
  • Progressive correction - stimulation of the collar increases to match the behavior of your dog leading to better containment - your dog stays put!
  • Advanced warning tone system - some dogs will sit in the warning zone and ignore the tone which on a regular collar will drain the battery - this technology ensures your dog returns to where he belongs by introducing a stimulation after a 1 second warning
  • Intelligent battery management - warning tone technology helps avoid battery drain, meaning fewer replacement batteries, saving you money
  • Low battery indicator - you'll know the batteries need to be replaced long before your dog escapes!
  • Lithium-ion battery - includes a long lasting battery so you have everything you need to get going and keep going
  • Waterproof - no worries about rain and weather
  • Submersible - down to 10ft depth, so no problem if Fido goes for a swim, or if you drop the collar in the pool or the water bucket!
  • Lightweight - at 1.1oz it is 45% lighter than the standard collar making it suitable for big dogs and small
  • “Comfort Contacts” - designed for extended wear without irritation
  • Superior contact probe spacing - set 1 & 3/16" apart they are almost 40% closer together than the regular Invisble Fence® collar which makes it suitable for small dogs, yet just as effective for large dogs
  • Contact probe covers - use to cover the contact probes for when you want to train your dog without the stimulation
  • Includes two sets of contacts - choose the right set for your dog and you can be sure that the collar works whether your dog has thin short hair, or a long shaggy coat
  • Omni-directional - works whichever way your dog is facing, and regardless of the angle your dog approaches the boundary
  • Three antennae design - complete signal coverage, so she stays put!
  • Made in USA - you support American-made products
  • TEMP CHECK™ - keeps the boundary in place, whatever the weather
  • WIRE CHECK™ - can compensate for wire problems, keeping the fence signal constant (can't help a completely broken wire)
  • 12x BATTERY CHECK™ - checks the condition of your collar battery every two hours. (This important feature save you money, and means you will get maximum life from your battery.)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - you get peace of mind backed by a full manufacturer's warranty from a company that's been in business 23 years!
  • Lowest available price - we've taken it as low as we can go!
  • Express-delivered to your door - we ship fast, and free!
  • DIY installation - they are a snap to setup so you'll be up and running in minutes
  • No dealer mark-ups - we ship them straight to you and you install them yourself

You get all these features, rushed straight to you with ...

Free Shipping!!

Ordering from is easy, secure and hassle free. You can be sure your information is secure, your privacy is protected and your order will be on its way to you quickly.

  • MuttFence Risk-Free Guarantee
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  • American-Made Quality
  • 100% Secure Order Form
  • Privacy Protected
  • No Spam

Just click on the “Add to Cart” button, fill out our easy, 100% secure online order form, and choose a method of payment to complete your order. Your Perimeter Technologies Comfor-Fit In-Ground Fence will be on its way from our store to your door!

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