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Article Index: In-Ground / Underground Dog Fencing Systems

These articles are for In-Ground Pet Fencing Systems. An In-Ground Pet Fencing System is a system that uses a physical wire, normally buried just under the ground, to transmit a signal to an electronic collar that your dog wears. In-Ground Fences are a safe and humane way to keep your dog on your property, which is where he/she belongs!

In-Ground Pet Fences are often also called Underground Dog Fences, Electronic Dog Fences, E-Fences, Electric Dog Fences, or (incorrectly) Invisible Fences®. (The last term is descriptive, but Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark. See bottom of the page for full legal information.)

Components Of An In-Ground Dog Fence

This article describes the components that make up an In-Ground Pet Fencing System, when purchased from, and explains the purpose of each one. Sub-articles describe the transmitter, lightning protector, fence wire, collar, boundary flags, and contact probe covers in more detail.

TransmitterThis article describes an in-ground fence transmitter, how it connects, and what this critical components does for your pet fencing system.
Lightning ProtectorAn article describing the purpose of the In-Ground Fence Lightning Protector, and how it connects to the system.
WireFind out why there are two types of In-Ground Fence Wire and what they are used for.
CollarThis artcile is about the In-Ground Fence Collar, which is the only part of the pet fencing system that touches your dog.
FlagsThe In-Ground Fence Flags are used to mark the signal boundary for training your dog.
Probe CoversHere we talk about the probe covers, which are another essential part of the training process.
Choose A Layout

Not just for keeping your dog in your yard, in-ground electronic pet fencing systems can be used for containment and to deter Fido from sensitive areas. Find out more from! Video available as part of the Good Dog Education Series.

Front YardHere we explain the three options available for a front yard only installation, and we compare all three.
Back YardFind out and compare the three available layouts for a back yard only implementation.
Whole YardA whole yard enclosure is perhaps the simplest to layout and install. Find out more here.
As A BarrierYou can use an in-ground, electronic pet fencing system as a barrier only, marking a line that you do not want your dog to cross. The barrier can be combined with a physical fence. We show you how.
Keep-Away ZonesEffective at keeping your dog in your yard, the system can be used to do this and keep him away from sensitive areas of your property.
Use As A DeterrentThe system can be used only to keep Fido away from one, or more, areas of your property. You don't have to use it to keep your dog enclosed.
Connect The Components

Knowing the basics of wiring your In-Ground / Underground Fence is essential to the success of the project. Understand the key components, how they fit together and what you absolutely MUST do for your fence installation to be successful.

Install Your In-Ground Fence

Installing your in-ground (underground) fence requires some up-front planning. Find out what steps are required, and whether a wired, in-ground, or underground pet fencing system is right for you.

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