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Perimeter Technologies® Comfort-Fit Deluxe In-Ground FencePerimeter Technologies® Comfort-Fit Deluxe In-Ground Fence

Feature packed, higher quality, lower cost, Made in USA Pet Fencing System.

Comparable to high-end, Chinese-made, PetSafe systems, but at a fraction of the price!

Progressive correction, temperature stabilization, wire condition adjustments all mean this fence is reliable, safe, and secure for you and your dog!

Components Of An In-Ground Dog Fence

This article describes the components that make up an In-Ground Pet Fencing System, and explains the purpose of each one. In the section for each component, click on the picture of the component to go to a page that describes the part in more detail. There are also links at the bottom of the page, and in the navigation at the top of the site that allow you to also find this content.

In-Ground Dog Fence

Shown below is a Perimeter Technologies Comfort Contact In-Ground Pet Fencing System. This kit includes everything you need for a 500' boundary, ¼ Acre installation.

Picture showing the components of an In-Ground Dog Fence


The components included in the kit are:

  • Transmitter
  • Lightning Protector
  • Fence Wire (2 Types)
  • Electronic Fence Collar
  • Boundary Flags
  • Probe Covers

The Transmitter

Picture showing the in-ground fence transmitter circled.

The transmitter is the component circled in the picture above. It is the core of the fence system and is responsible for generating and transmitting the fence signal down the signal wire.

Lightning Protector

Picture showing the in-ground fence lightning protector circled.

The lightning protector sits between the fence wiring and the transmitter to protect from lightning strikes.

Fence Wire

Picture showing the in-ground fence wire spools circled.

The two types of fence wire, twisted pair and signal wire.

Electronic Fence Collar

Picture showing the in-ground fence electronic collar circled.

The collar is fitted to the dog. It picks up the fence signal from the signal boundary and corrects the dog.

Boundary Flags

Picture showing the in-ground fence boundary flags circled.

Boundary flags are used for training your dog to know where the fence boundary starts.

Collar Probe Covers

Picture showing the in-ground fence collar probes circled.

Collar probes covers (not pictured) are plastic caps used to cover the collar probes while training your dog to use the fence.

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