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Perimeter Technologies® Comfort-Fit Deluxe In-Ground FencePerimeter Technologies® Comfort-Fit Deluxe In-Ground Fence

Feature packed, higher quality, lower cost, Made in USA Pet Fencing System.

Comparable to high-end, Chinese-made, PetSafe systems, but at a fraction of the price!

Progressive correction, temperature stabilization, wire condition adjustments all mean this fence is reliable, safe, and secure for you and your dog!

In-Ground Fence Flags

The flags are a critical part of the system because they are used for training your dog. Used correctly, the fence correction should only be used occasionally, but this very much depends on how well you train your dog. The flags are an essential part of this training and are pictured below.

Picture showing the fence flags circled.

How They Are Used

The flags are placed around the boundary of the enclosure to mark the start of the correction zone. You'll use your dog's collar carried in your hand, listening for the beep, to work out where that boundary starts. The flags are normally placed every 10 feet, which is why there are 50 included with the 500 feet of boundary wire.

You'll first train your dog on-leash to see the boundary, and you will issue the correction. The flags mark the boundary for both you and your dog. They serve as his/her indicator as to where the correction will start. Over a few weeks, as your dog becomes familiar with the system, the flags will be removed.

The end result should be that your dog understands where the boundary is located and the correction from the collar is used only when he forgets himself!

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