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Progressive correction, temperature stabilization, wire condition adjustments all mean this fence is reliable, safe, and secure for you and your dog!

In-Ground Fence Lightning Protector

The lightning protector is a critical component in your in-ground fencing system, and (unlike some of our competitors) all of our systems ship with lightning protection. An in-ground fence system has a wire running around your property, either buried or laying on top of the ground.

If lightning strikes on, or close to, your property, there is a risk that the fence wire will pick up the lightning strike and conduct it to your house. As you can imagine, the consequences could be serious for your house, the electrical wiring, the fence transmitter, and the safety of you, your family and your pets.

Picture showing the in-ground fence lightning protector highlighted.

How it Works

The lightning protector sits between the fence loop around your yard, and the transmitter, and also between the house A/C wiring and the transmitter. The lightning protector is a special type of surge protector designed to provide maximum protection for your sensitive fence electronics and you, your house, and pets.

How it Connects

The lightning protector has four terminals, two marked in black which connect the fence transmitter, and two red terminals that connect to the fence loop that travels around the yard. The terminals connecting to the transmitter are show below.

Picture showing the in-ground fence lightning protector transmitter terminals.

A short section of wire will run from the lightning protector to the fence transmitter terminals, which are marked in this image.

Picture showing the in-ground fence lightning protector transmitter terminals, and their connection point on the transmitter.

The red terminals on the lightning protector are marked in the following picture.

Picture showing the in-ground fence lightning protector fence terminals.

Normally it is the twisted pair wire that connects to the red terminals on the lightning protector, so that the signal can be carried from inside out the fence signal boundary (loop).

Lightning protector fence loop terminals and the twisted pair wire.

Double Protection

Instead of plugging the fence transmitter power supply straight into an A/C outlet, you will plug it into the lightning protector. The connections are show in the following diagram.(At the time of writing, our fences ship with a lightning protector manufactured by IMPI.)

Schematic showing the lightning protector connections.

That's the lightning protector: an essential safety component in your in-ground fence system, included for free, when shipped from

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