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Laying Out Your Electronic Fencing System

Find out how to choose a layout for your in-ground fence, and make the most of your investment.

In-ground electronic pet fencing systems can be extremely flexible. Effective at keeping your dog in your own yard, they can be configured in ways that also keep him away from sensitive areas of your yard, such as the vegetable garden, or kid's play area.

Part of the “Good Dog Education Series”.

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How To Lay Out Your In-Ground Pet Fencing System

Flexible! That's the word we'd use to describe In-Ground Electronic Fencing Systems. They can stop your dog from running away, keep him in the yard, but also steer Fido clear of sensitive areas, like your vegetable garden, or the kid's play area.

Planning ahead is the key to success with your fencing system, and the first step is to decide on the layout. By the time you're done reading this you'll be able to choose a layout that is right for you.

Keep Him In, Keep Him Out - What Do You Want To Do?

An in-ground fence can do far more than just enclose an area. It can be used as a straight barrier with, or without, a physical fence. It can enclose the front yard, back yard, whole yard, or just a portion of your property. You can add “keep-away zones” inside your enclosure, or you can use the in-ground fencing system as a deterrent to keep your dog away from certain areas inside your yard.

We'll explain with some pictures. Each picture will have some bits the same, and some that change. We'll use a standard House/Yard layout and show you the options you have.

Example: Your House And Yard ...

This is our example, showing a house located on a rectangular lot, bounded by the green border.

In-Ground Fence Layout - Example House and Yard

... And Your Dog - Ollie!

Handsome, isn't he? He's a great family pet, and loves everybody. As a responsible dog owner, you want to keep Ollie where he belongs: on your own property. Without some kind of enclosure, that can be very difficult, so read on to find out what options you have to contain Ollie!

Example - Your House, Yard, and Your Dog ... Ollie!

In-Ground Fence Enclosure: Front Yard Only

The area in red shows the in-ground fence signal boundary. In this case, around the front yard only. When Ollie is wearing his Electronic Collar and you let him out the front, he will be safely contained within the red area. If you let him out the back, he can go where he wants.

Be aware that if he is wearing his in-ground fence collar when you let him out the back, he won't be able to go into the front yard. The in-ground fence transmits to the collar regardless of whether your dog is on the inside, or outside of the wire.

In-Ground Fence Enclosure of the Front Yard Only

In-Ground Fence Enclosure: Back Yard Only

Like the last one, only the signal wire runs around the back yard instead of the front. Same restriction with letting Ollie out the front wearing his Electronic Collar, the fence will do a good job of keeping him out of the back yard, so if you don't want that, take his collar off when you let him out the front.

In-Ground Fence Enclosure of the Back Yard Only

In-Ground Fence Enclosure: Whole Property

This is the most common application, is easy to wire, and will give Ollie the most room to roam. The Electronic Fence wire loops around the entire property.

In-Ground Fence Enclosure of the Front And Back Yards

In-Ground Fence: Barrier

We said that electronic fencing systems are pretty flexible, and here's an example. You don't have to make an enclosure, you can use the fence as a barrier only. In this case, the barrier runs along the front yard next to the street.

In-Ground Fence As A Barrier

In this example, Ollie could walk around the barrier, because there is nothing stopping him on the sides, so it doesn't make sense, unless you use a physical fence also.

In-Ground Fence: Barrier With Physical Fence

That's more like it! Some areas have zoning, or deed restrictions, limiting fences across the front of the property. This way you can run the physical fence around three sides of your property, and use the in-ground fence to complete the enclosure to keep your dog from running out the front.

In-Ground Fence As A Barrier With A Physical Fence

In-Ground Fence: Enclosure With Zone

In this example, the fence runs all around the yard, but there is an additional section that we call a “keep away zone”, because the signal wire runs round an area that you want your dog to keep away from. In this case, the Electronic Fencing System is being used to keep Ollie in a place (the yard), but also away from a place (a kid's play area). You can have multiple "keep-away zones".

In-Ground Fence Enclosure With A Keep-Away Zone

In-Ground Fence: Deterrent Only

You don't have to use the In-Ground Fence as a fence! You can use it only as a s deterrent to keep your dog away from particular areas. The example shown is a kid's play area and also a vegetable garden. In real life, our Ollie loves to dig up vegetables, and pick his own tomatoes!

Keep-Away Zones Only

Detailed Layout Information

Now you know what all the options are for laying out your In-Ground (Underground) Electronic Pet Fencing System, there are pages devoted to a specific layout, such as Front Yard, Whole Yard, Barrier Layouts. This information should provide you with enough detail to plan the purchase and installation of your In-Ground Fencing System.

If you want to see the detail of a particular layout, click on on of the links immediately below.

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