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In-Ground Dog Fence: Planning A Whole Yard Installation

Despite covering the entire property, this is perhaps the simplest installation of all. There is only one way to wire the layout, regardless of where the transmitter is located.

Things To Know

  • Transmitter: box of electronics that generates and transmits the signal down the fence wires. Two terminals, one send and one receive. The wire has to form a complete loop from the send to the receive terminals.
  • Twisted Pair Wire: a pair of separately insulated wires twisted together. Carries the fence signal from A to B, but will not broadcast that signal to your dog's collar. Not always required, depending on your transmitter location and layout.
  • Signal Wire: single insulated wire that forms the fence boundary and will broadcast the fence signal to your dog's collar.
  • Splices: T-shaped devices that connect together the fence wires - one splice, one wire.
  • Loop: the wire must form a continuous loop from the send to the receive terminal of your transmitter.

If you need a more detailed review of how to connect together your electronic pet fencing system, please go here to read our overview.

Whole Yard Enclosure

This whole yard installation uses twisted pair wire to carry the signal out from the transmitter to the signal boundary. The signal connects to one side of the twisted pair wire, runs around the yard, back around the yard again, and connects to the other side of the twisted pair. The wire must form a loop from the send to the receive terminals of the transmitter.

In-Ground Dog Fence Whole Yard Layout

Frequently Asked Questions About This Layout

  • Do I have to run the fence boundary all the way out to the edge? No. You choose where you want to run the enclosure boundary. You can give your dog as much, or as little space as needed.
  • Why do I need the twisted pair wire? Twisted pair wire will not transmit the signal to your dog's collar, so the only part of the fence that will broadcast to your dog's collar will be the exact area that you want to contain.
  • What if I want him in the whole yard, but there is a place she needs to stay away from? It is possible to add a "keep-away" zone to any of the layouts. The link can be found just below.

Did You Know?

You can add one or more “Keep-Away Zones” to this type of installation. Find out how by clicking here.

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