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Perimeter Technologies® Comfort-Fit Deluxe In-Ground FencePerimeter Technologies® Comfort-Fit Deluxe In-Ground Fence

Feature packed, higher quality, lower cost, Made in USA Pet Fencing System.

Comparable to high-end, Chinese-made, PetSafe systems, but at a fraction of the price!

Progressive correction, temperature stabilization, wire condition adjustments all mean this fence is reliable, safe, and secure for you and your dog!

Video Index: In-Ground / Underground Dog Fence

Listed below are all of the videos related to In-Ground (Underground) Electronic Pet Fencing Systems. If you'd rather watch the videos on YouTube, you can watch them on our Good Dogs Made Easy YouTube Channel.

Video: In-Ground Fence Layouts

What options are available to layout your In-Ground (Underground) Fencing System? These systems are very flexible and will allow you to make an enclosure, barrier, add “keep away zones”, or use the systems as a deterrent only.

Video: In-Ground Fence Wiring Basics

Learn how the Electronic Pet fencing System is wired together for a successful layout. Covers all the basics from transmitter, through twisted pair wires, wire splices, signal wire, and how to ensure you have a working system.

Video: In-Ground Dog Fence Front Yard Layout

Learn about the three options available to your for wiring together your front yard enclosure.

Video: In-Ground Dog Fence Back Yard Layout

There are three different ways you can wire your underground dog fence for a back yard installation.

Video: In-Ground Dog Fence Whole Yard Layout

Despite covering the most area, an in-ground dog fence installed to cover your whole property is the easiest enclosure to install.

Video: In-Ground Dog Fence Barrier Layout

You can use the in-ground pet fencing system as a barrier instead of as an enclosure. This works particularly well in combination with a physical fence.

Video: In-Ground Dog Fence Add Keep-Away Zone(s)

You can add one, or more, keep-away zones to your e-fence. These are areas you want to keep your dog away from. We explain how in this video.

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