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Wireless Dog Fence

It's a great example of how sometimes technology actually makes things easier!

Just plug in the transmitter, put the collar on your dog and the wireless containment system helps keep your dog in his designated area.

Just Plug and Go!

We do recommend reading the instructions, but this wireless system is simplicity itself!

Wireless Fence FAQ Icon

Click here for our Wireless Pet Fence FAQ.

Questions, or not sure if a Wireless Fence is right for you?

Wireless Dog Fence

Super-easy to install, and great for people who want to keep their dogs in their own yard, without the hassle of installing an underground dog fence with a buried boundary wire. Our wireless dog fence transmits wirelessly, very much like your wireless router at home. A wireless dog fence can be an excellent solution, but remember wireless fences are limited in regard to 

If you have 1 or 2 dogs, less than a 2½ acre space to enclose, can live with a circular pattern, and you don't want to install a system with a boundary wire, then our wireless systems might be great for you. You can also take it with you when you travel! Great so far, but ...

Will it Work for You?

They are convenient, and effective, but not for everyone: 3+ dogs.; aluminum siding; a steep, sloped yard; lots of trees; outbuildings; or you don't want a circular boundary. In that case, you'd be better off with a wired system. If you're still in the running, there's good news, because it is ...

Very Easy to Install

1) Take it out of the box. 2) Plug it into the wall. 3) Put the battery in the collar. 4) Adjust the boundary. 5) Place the training flags. 6) Put the collar on your dog. That's it, and you'll be up and running in a just a few minutes!

Our systems are Made in the USA, and have more features than the made-in-China competition. Click on the image to see the product details.

Compared to Underground Fence

Wireless Dog Fences are designed to be easy to setup and use which means that you are much more likely to get it up and running than a traditional model. It takes minutes, not hours or days, and start keeping your pet in the yard - where he/she is supposed to be!

New, Upgraded Technology

For many years, wireless pet fencing stayed the same, with technology that only communicated from the base station to the collar. Our systems use a much newer way of transmitting which is two-way. Our collars can transmit to our transmitter, as well as transmitter to the collar. What this means for you is: bigger fence area, and display that shows your dog's location in the yard!

Wireless Pet Fences Compared

We know ours isn't the only fence out there. There's a well known brand selling competing, old-technology, made-in-China, products. If you are want a direct comparison, just visit the page to compare Wireless Dog Fences. If you want some more in-depth guidance just contact us, we're here to help. You may find your questions answered on our Wireless Pet Fence FAQ. One last thing ...

Wireless Dog Fences On Sale, In Stock, and Free Shipping

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