You love your dog, and whether you have a pure-breed, or a lovable dog-pound rescue (just like us!) they’re all pretty special. Dogs bring joy to our lives, and studies show that dog owners live longer, happier lives than other people. But…

Dogs Don’t Always Behave!

Be honest, they don’t do they? Problems range from problem barking to escaping the yard, or cats going where they like. We sell a full range of pet electronics designed to help you safely and humanely control problem behavior. Used as designed, our products can immediately transform the behavior of your pet.

  • Control problem barking with one of our Bark Collars!
  • Keep your dog in the yard, with one of our premium quality, US-Made Fencing Systems!
  • Correct your dog when off-leash at the dog park, or around the house with a Remote Training System.
  • Save Up To 50% vs. Invisible Fence® brand with our Invisible Fence® Compatible Collars and Batteries.

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The Fastest, Easiest Way To A Good Dog

Training your dog takes time, energy, and plenty of talent. You’re probably not the Dog Whisperer, so they listen sometimes, and at other times they… well… they do what they like! Mutt Fence can help you take control of your furry-friend’s crazy behavior.

Stop Him From Running Away

Our underground and wireless fences install easily, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional fence and keep your dog in the yard without spoiling the view! Plus they are Made In The USA, unlike those you’ll find in the pet store.

Instantly Control Problem Barking

Our Bark Collars are tailor made for the all dogs from the small 8 lbs yapper to the big 100 lbs woofer! Regardless of size, he’ll get the message about his nuisance barking in a safe and humane way.

Stay In Control When Off Leash

Maybe you let your dog off the leash and then they decide they own the dog park! Also great in your own yard, or out on a walk, a Remote Dog Trainer is a great solution, featuring a remote control and one or more collars with a range of 400 – 1,000 yards depending on the model.

Save Money, Support US-Manufacturing With Invisible Fence® Compatible Collar and Batteries

Invisible Fence, Inc have a decent product, but the make them in China and they want you to buy their collars and batteries exclusively from their dealer network at outrageous profit (for them)! They think you can’t fit your own collar on your dog! Sure, they have an occasional sale (aimed at driving their competitors out of business so they can jack their prices back up), but you don’t have to tolerate that.

Compatible with most of the installed Invisible Fence® brand fences, our Invisible Fence Compatible collars and batteries from Mutt Fence save you a ton of money, and they are Made In The USA!

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Photo by Marisela Lopez on Unsplash.