Each electric dog fence features a method of electronically transmitting a signal to a boundary, and a receiver collar to pick-up the signal. As your dog approaches the boundary he/she will receive a stimulation to warn not to go any further.

Electronic Dog Fences are a safe and humane way to keep your dog in your yard, or garden. The stimulation levels can vary, and some fences allow you to control the progression of the stimulation. Stimulation types range from vibration through beeping to a static shock.

Types Of Electronic Dog Fence

The are two types of electric fence, each with their own strengths and suitable applications:

Underground (Wired) Systems

A fencing system that transmits a signal through a physical wire.

Wireless Fences

A wire-free system that is easy to install, but has more limitations.

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Why Consider an Electric Dog Fence?

Electric Dog Fences are all about Dog Containment. We want Fido to stay where he should be at all times. He may be cute in your back garden playing with the kids, but not everybody loves dogs, and dogs on the loose can become a menace both to themselves and the neighborhood. Electric Dog Fences can be an effective and humane method for keeping your dog contained.

Dog Containment

There are many different ways to contain your dog and electric/electronic dog fences can be a great solution. They are not suitable for everyone in every situation and they are not panacea. The fencing system will work properly when you follow both the manufacturer’s installation instructions and some basic guidelines on training your dog to respect the boundary.

Electric Dog Fences are designed to be used alongside a regimen of positive behavior reinforcement and should not be used in an aggressive way, and never, ever attempt to punish your dog into compliance.

Electronic Dog Fence

Electric Dog Fences when properly used are safe and effective, but they do have some pluses and minuses and are not suitable in every situation. Let’s compare an electronic solution to a physical fence, such as a chain link, or wood fence when it comes to dog containment.

The table below lists some of the advantages and disadvantages of an electric dog fence vs. a chain-link, or wood fence in regard to dog containment.

  • Less Expensive
    Costs less than a physical barrier
  • Quick Installation
    Reduced time to install
  • Dog Cannot Climb/Jump
    Some dogs can be expert climbers, or jumpers
  • Does Not Spoil the View
    Area may have restrictions on physical fencing
  • Lower Maintenance
    No fence repairs, or sealing
  • Does Not Keep Other Animals Out
    Other dogs can wander into the containment area
  • Not Suitable for Predation Issues
    Do not use to separate from potential prey animals such as goats
  • Dog Must Wear the Collar
    Remember to put on and take off the collar
  • Training Required
    Train dog(s) to anticipate the boundary
  • Potential Wire Breaks
    In high traffic areas, wire may break

By this point, we hope you’ve learned something about the types of Electric Dog Fence available, as well as the suitable applications of these products, and the advantages and disadvantages of using an electronic dog containment solution.

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