Sometimes, you’ve purchased the in-ground pet fence, and you realize that you don’t have enough wire. What to do? In this case, an extra wire and flag kits are invaluable. They are called kits because they have all the components you need in addition to the 500′ roll of wire.

These kits come with 500 ft of burial grade wire to extend your fence wire. Also included are 50 boundary flags that allow you to mark the boundary for dog training. The final piece are the wire splices that allow you to securely join together the additional wire with your existing wire.

Next question is… how much extra wire (how many kits) do I need? See the table below for a guide.

CoverageFeet of Wire# Kits Required*
¼ Acre415 ftOne (1) Wire Kit
⅓ Acre480 ftOne (1) Wire Kit
½ Acre590 ftTwo (2) Wire Kits
1 Acre835 ftTwo (2) Wire Kits
2 Acres1180 ftThree (3) Wire Kits
5 Acres1870 ftFour (4) Wire Kits
10 Acres2800 ftSix (6) Wire Kits
25 Acres2800 ftNine (9) Wire Kits

*Note: Not all fences are capable of covering 25 acres. Some have a limit of 5, or 10 acres. Consult your owners manual to determine the coverage area of your particular fence model.

The PetSafe PRFA-500 Extra Wire and Flag Kit is available at the Mutt Fence retail store. This kit is compatible with Innotek and PetSafe in-ground fence models. Clicking on the picture will take you to