I Have Questions About the Wireless Pet Fences

A Wireless Pet Fence can be a safe, effective and very convenient way to contain your pet. Our recommendation is the eXtreme Dog Fence® MAX Grade Ultimate Performance System.

To better understand whether a Wireless Dog Fence is right for you and to select which model, we suggest you visit the Wireless Dog Fence Frequently Asked Questions Page.

What is a In-ground Pet Fencing system?

There are three parts to a In-ground Pet Fencing system:

1. The Transmitter

This plugs into a standard outlet and emits a radio signal.

2. The Wire

Waterproof wire that you bury and connect to the transmitter that makes a boundary to contain your dog.

3. The Collar Receiver

The receiver is worn on your dog’s collar. The transmitter emits a radio signal that travels through the wire. The receiver on your dog’s collar picks up the radio signal and alerts the dog as he nears the boundary (buried wire). If the dog continues toward the boundary wire, he will receive a correction from the radio signal.

Does the wire have to be buried?

No, the system will operate properly above ground although Innotek® recommends that the wire be buried approximately 3 inches to prevent damage to the wire.

Can I contain more than one dog?

Yes, additional collar receivers can be purchased separately. Innotek’s® pet containment systems are designed to use an unlimited number of collar receivers.

I want to contain my dog in the yard but would also like to control my dog on walks or at the park. Do you have a product that fits my needs?

Yes, Innotek® has Contain N Train Systems to fit your needs. The SD-3000 and IUC-5100 come with a hand held transmitter that communicates with the same collar receiver that your dog wears for containment.

Do you have a product that will keep my dog off of my couch or away from an area inside my house?

Yes. Innotek® has introduced the new Zones Instant Pet Proofing Barrier. Simply place the transmitter in the area that you would like the dog to avoid. As the dog approaches the transmitter the dog’s collar receiver picks up a signal and produces a warning tone, if the dog continues toward the transmitter, he will receive a correction. (All Ultra Smart in-ground pet fencing collars will work with Zones)

Still Have Questions?

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