The Innotek Contain ‘N’ Train Systems are great products because they combine the features of an in-ground fence with the flexibility and control of a full 150 yard remote trainer.

So how does one remote control work with both dogs? Below is a picture of the Innotek Remote Control. This one is for an IUC-5100 Ultra Smart Contain ‘N’ Train System.

There are several buttons on the unit used to switch it on, adjust the stimulation, boost the stimulation, and to apply stimulation.

This button is used to switch the remote between dogs.

The number on this display shows “1″ and after switching, it will display “2″. This requires an additional collar for a total of two (2) dogs.

The Innotek IUC-5225 Additional Receiver Collar available from the Mutt Fence Retail Store.

The Innotek Contain ‘N’ Train Systems are available from the Mutt Fence Retail Store.