A remote dog trainer is a device that features a remote control combined with one, or more receiver collars. You use the remote control to signal, or correct your dog. Remote dog trainers are mobile devices that can be used in the yard, park, or for hunting and tracking.

The dog trainers listed here do not include a fence, so if you need a fence combined with a remote trainer, please check out the Contain ‘N’ Train combined fence / trainer systems.

Dog Trainer Collar

The Dog Trainer Collars feature different modes of stimulation which are Nick, Constant, and Pager mode. Nick and Constant are stimulation modes, and pager is usually a vibration, or beeper or to get the attention of your dog. Not all dog trainers will support all modes, but the more expensive models normally have both a longer range (distance they work over) and more control and stimulation options.

The Remote Dog Trainers we sell are list below. Just click on any that interest you, or you can sort them by name and price. Dog Trainer Collars are designed for outdoor training, not really for bark control and bark control and collars are listed on another page. Alternatively, you may want some more information on selecting a remote dog trainer.

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Training Collars for Dogs

There are a variety of different remote training collars / remote dog trainers available and they have unique features including range, pager, or stimulation types, number of dogs trained etc. In general, the more expensive the trainer, the more features it will have and more serious your training needs would be.

Selecting a Remote Dog Trainer

There are several factors to consider, or questions to ask yourself when considering a remote dog trainer. How many dogs do you need to train? What range do you need? Do you want collar style stimulation, or collar-free ultra-sonic notification? Do you need a range of 30ft, 300 – 400yds, or ½ mile or more?

# Dogs

Trainers vary in the number of dogs that can be handled. An average unit handles just one dog, other models may come in a one dog unit, but be expandable to more, and some units can be used for six (6) dogs.


Units vary in range from 30ft to over a mile. 30ft would be for training around the house, and anything over 400 yards would be for hunting and tracking dogs. For most people, the 150 – 400 yard range would be adequate.

Collar & Stimulation

Most trainers feature the remote and one or more collars, but there are trainers that work only ultra-ultrasonically and do not use a collar on the dog. Collar free units would normally be shorter range and only for use in and around the house.

Nick, Constant & Pager

These describe different ways to alert, or stimulate the dog. Nick would be a single blip each time you press the button and is normally used to get attention. Constant will stimulate for the entire time you hold the button, and Pager is either a vibration, or beep to alert the dog in some way.

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Photo by Reed Shepherd on Unsplash.