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Availability: Are they in stock, how quick will I receive it?
Batteries: Information about the rechargeable batteries.
Capacity: Number of dogs and other capacity questions.
Collars: Collar information.
Coverage: Area and type of wireless coverage.
Limitations: Wireless Fences are not right for everyone.
Warranty: Guarantees and warranty coverage.

If you need to see the different wireless fence models side-by-side, you can compare Wireless Dog Fences side-by-side on our comparison page.

Availability & Shipping Questions

Do You Have These Products in Stock?

Yes. Fences, collars and batteries are all available from stock. In the unlikely event that we run out of stock of these products, we usually get replenished within 48 hours.

How Long Before My Wireless Fence Ships?

Our products ship out same or next business day.

How Will it Arrive?

Fence units ship UPS Ground for delivery in 1 – 5 business days, and are delivered Monday – Friday, except major holidays. This applies to all products if they are orderd in addition to the fence.

Collars are shipped USPS 2-Day for delivery within two days, Monday – Saturday, anywhere in the continental U.S., except on state holidays.

Batteries are shipped USPS First Class mail for delivery in 3 – 7 days, Monday through Saturday, anywhere in the continental U.S., except on state holidays. Express 2-Day Shipping is available on batteries for an additional $5 flat fee.

Is a Signature Required?

No, USPS will deliver to your mailbox or front door, and UPS will either leave it at your property if they feel it is secure, or they will notify you and make two more attempts.

Battery Questions

How Many Batteries Does the Perimeter Technologies PWF-100 Come With?

The Perimeter Technologies PWF-100 WiFi Fence includes three batteries: one for battery back-up of the base station, one working in the collar, and the other on charge.

I Need PIF-300 Batteries, Are They Available?

Yes, PetSafe Wireless Fence Collar Batteries are sold in a two pack and they are PetSafe original equipment. The model number is the PetSafe RFA-67D-11 Lithium Battery Two Pack.

How Many Batteries in the PetSafe Instant Fence?

The PIF-300 comes with two batteries which charge on the base station. This allows you to charge one battery and use the other.

Capacity Questions

How Many Dogs Can the System Handle?

Both products will contain a maximum of two dogs.

Can the Wireless Fences Contain Stubborn Pets?

The correction levels on both fences are suitable for stubborn, and hard to train dogs.

Questions About Collars

Which is the Correct Collar for the PIF-300?

The PIF-300 collar is PetSafe Wireless Fence Receiver Collar model PIF-275-19 and it is specifically designed for your PetSafe Instant Fence.

Which Collar Fits the Perimeter WiFi Fence?

The PWF-100 Collar is Model PWC-100 and is orginal equipment made for the fence.

Can I Choose the Collar Color?

No, the collars come only in the manufactured colors. At the time of writing (October, 2009) that is red for the PetSafe, and black for the Perimeter.

Fence Comparison Summary

Why Would I Buy One Wireless Fence Over the Other?

It depends on both your budget and preference. These are both great products brought to you by quality manufacturers who stand behind their products.

If price is a factor and you want to get the least expensive model, the the PetSafe Wireless Fence is the best option.

If you want the best fence with the biggest coverage area, the Perimeter Technologies Wire Free Wireless Fence is the best product.

Both products provide great protection. The PetSafe Instant Fence has been on the market for longest and has proven effective over the long haul.

The Perimeter Technologies Wire Free Wireless Fence has been on the market for less than a year, and contains cutting edge technology with two way communication that allows you to see where your dog is in the containment area.

In addition, the Perimeter Technologies WiFi fence contains up to 2½ compared to ½ for the PetSafe product.

This is a summary. For a detailed comparison of the products, please see Wireless Fence Detailed Comparison.

Coverage Area

Does it Cover an Odd Shaped Lot?

In both cases, the wireless pattern covers a circle only and is adjustable. If you have an odd shaped lot, you either need an In-Ground fence, or you must set the coverage of the unit to a circle that fits inside the size and shape of your lot.

How Much Area Does the PetSafe Instant Fence Cover?

The PetSafe Instant Fence covers a circular ½ acre which is a 180 ft diameter, 90 ft radius. Simply put, if you place the unit and walk 90 ft away, that is the limit of the range.

What About the Perimeter Technologies WiFi Fence, How Much Does that Cover?

The Perimeter Technologies PWF-100 WiFi Fence covers a circular 2½ acres which is a circular 180 ft radius, or 360 ft in diameter. In this case, if you place the unit and walk away 180 ft, you will be at the limit of the range.

Wireless Fence Limitations

Does the Wireless Fence Work With Aluminum Siding?

No, all models of Wireless Fence need a clear signal path to work effectively. Aluminum siding will block the signal causing either dead spots or complete loss of signal.

This restriction is not just for Aluminum Siding, but for all metal siding. See below for a list of other restrictions.

What Can Break the Signal?

Metal siding, roofs, outbuildings, dense trees and log cabins will all prevent the Wireless Systems from working effectively.

Warranty Information

Are the Products Warrantied?

Yes, both products carry a full manufacturers warranty.

Are They Guaranteed to Work?

In a suitable location, the products will work. Please see the coverage information.